Katherine Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Talk Women's Health, Parental Burnout and How They're Celebrating Mother's Day

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we're taking a moment to acknowledge all the incredible moms in our lives. To help celebrate the occasion, we sat down with one of our favorite mother-daughter duos: Katherine Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

The two recently partnered up with Renew Life, a leading probiotic brand, to discuss the importance of finding wellness solutions that work for women specifically.

As Shriver tells us: "We’ve come a long way since I started covering the topic of women's health as a journalist several decades ago. But we have a long way to go. Funding and research is still decades behind. We still don’t know why 80 percent of all auto-immune diseases are diagnosed in women. We still don’t know why 2/3’s of those with Alzheimer’s are women. Most women are still told 'we don’t know' when they go to their doctors with questions about their health. My hope is that by the time my daughters are my age, we have more of those answers for them and for all women. I was drawn to Renew Life because it was founded by a woman who herself experienced health problems that no one could help her solve. I love that their products are made specifically for women with probiotic strains tested on women, which is rare and so important."

What Is Something That Has Surprised You About Motherhood?

Katherine: How much multi-tasking is involved. I also reflect on my childhood and am so shocked by how my mom managed four kids and full time jobs and did it all so well. That has given me a whole new level of respect for her. I am in awe of what moms can accomplish in 24 hours.

It's been a challenging few years for many parents. What would you say to parents who are currently feeling burned out or overwhelmed?

Maria: For starters, I would tell parents to take a minute to appreciate what you’ve been through, and how much you’ve accomplished despite the challenges you’ve faced. We have lived through—and are continuing to live in—very trying times. Doing the incredibly important job of raising children while also working, keeping your relationship and your friendships going and doing all of the other things that fill our lives is incredibly hard work. It is understandable that you’re feeling burned out or overwhelmed. But I would also remind you that you’re capable of handling what’s on your path.

How Will You Celebrate Mother's Day This Year?

Katherine: I hope to spend it together like we always do. We usually all gather at my mom’s house and spend time together and celebrate our mom/Mama G!

Maria: I hope to spend the day with my kids and my granddaughter. Maybe go on a family walk and get some time out in nature. That’s all I need.

What Is One Way We Can Be Of Most Help To The Mothers In Our Lives?

Katherine: I know this is so specific to each person with what they consider to be helpful but I have found just checking in to be the most helpful. Sending a text is nice but picking up the phone and calling someone to let them know you are thinking of them and wondering if they need anything is always so wonderful and helpful. I know it sounds so simple but you would be surprised how little people actually do that and what a huge impact it can have on someone’s day. I think also acknowledging all that they do is also helpful and meaningful. It seems like people focus on what is shared on social media to credit what people are doing or talk to them about all that’s going on in their lives, but as moms, it’s really what’s going on at home with kids, in relationships and juggling so much that is really sometimes the most challenging. When someone stops to say they see how much you’re doing and they think you are doing a great job, that’s always a big deal.

Maria: Pick up the phone and check in. Ask them how they’re really doing and then actually listen. Sometimes all we need is for someone to take the time to see us.

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