Katherine Schwarzenegger Gets Real About Introducing Her New Baby to Her Fur Baby

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Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt has been a dog mom for the majority of her life. So, now that she is a new mom to her daughter, Lyla, we were wondering what it was like for those two worlds to collide.

PureWow recently sat down with the 31-year-old to discuss her latest partnership with Canidae Premium Pet Food for the launch of its new Sustain The Goodness Campaign and product line. This initiative exemplifies Canidae’s pursuit to improve the lives of pets and their people as well as its investment in creating a healthier planet. (She also recently started feeding her pup the new Canidae Sustain product, which is made by using responsibly sourced proteins like wild-caught salmon and cage-free chicken.) During the interview, the animal advocate opened up about the inspiration behind her IGTV series, BDA Baby.

She told PureWow, “I launched into [BDA Baby] because when I had my daughter eight months ago, I was introduced to this whole world on social media of parenthood and mommyhood that I, of course, hadn’t really been into before. For me, it’s been such a supportive and welcoming environment and to be able to see so many topics that people are talking about and want to know more about really encouraged me to want to have an IG live show that we do once a week where we have people able to speak and touch one all three phases of motherhood—before, during and after—and be able to give their words of wisdom. We really talk about all things from IVF and fertility to pregnancy and relationships—everything that you could possibly imagine including how we introduce babies to our dogs and that whole debacle.”

The author also elaborated on her experience of introducing her dog Maverick to her newborn baby. She continued, “I think it's always nerve-wracking for anyone who has a pet and is as obsessed with their pet as I am. It's always something that you think about and get a little bit nervous about before it happens, but being able to have a great experience and to just do it being really mindful of your animal's feelings—because it's a shift in their life as well—is super important.”

Now if only we could get some pics of new BFFs, Maverik and Lyla.

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