Kate Middleton Just Revealed Her Nickname for Princess Charlotte, and It's Adorbs

Gan-gan, Gary, Lilibet, Meg, Tungsten(?), P.P., Pops, Cath, My Love...

The royal family is chock-full of (sometimes highly unusual) nicknames—never forget Cabbage—because of course it'd get tiring to call each other "duchess of this" and "Your Majesty that." Add to the list: Kate Middleton's sweet nickname for 3-year-old Princess Charlotte, aka "Lottie." Aww.

While in Northern Ireland on Wednesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge greeted well-wishers in the crowds that had gathered to meet them. One woman, Laura-Ann, had her 2-year-old son with her. She said that Middleton asked about her other son, and how old he was.

"I said he is four and she said 'oh, he's the same age as Lottie'—she calls her Lottie!" Laura-Ann told The Daily Mail. (Princess Charlotte will turn 4 in May.)

We have to agree: Lottie has a cute ring to it. *Adds to baby name list*