You Can Now Buy a Kate Middleton-Scented Candle and, Wait, Say That Again, Please?

kate middleton candle cat

If you've ever thought, "Gosh, I wish my house could smell more like my favorite member of the royal family," you, friend, are in luck. 

An Etsy shop, I Heart Pop Candles, is selling a Kate Middleton-scented candle, and the idea is equal parts ridiculous and genius. 

According to the product description, "the effect this candle will have on your room will be website crashing, trend setting, royally classy and guarantee that every other candle in the house will want to smell just like it." Sounds grand, no? Apparently, the candle's scent is "cottage garden flowers," which seems rather vague, but if it's actually anything like Middleton, we're sure it's subtle and floral and lovely. At $20 for 9 fluid ounces, it's a pretty affordable option by candle standards. 

Here's how one enthusiastic customer described her experience: "What A FANTASTIC Etsy Shopping Experience: Seller Confirmed The Order, Item Shipped Quickly & Candle Tucked Inside Box Nicely ... I Love The "Clever" Label Notes On This Royally Inspired Scent ... The Real Kate Middleton Would Be Delighted By The Fragrance, Too! :)" 

If Kate isn't your cup of tea, I Heart Pop Candles sells tons of pop culture-related candles, from Harry and Meghan and Schitt's Creek's David Rose to Tiger King's Joe Exotic

Just imagine how your friends will react when they compliment how your house smells and you respond, "Thanks, it's Kate Middleton." 

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