Kate Middleton and Prince William Just Changed Their Profile Pictures

If you’ve recently logged onto social media (namely Instagram or Twitter) and ventured over to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s official accounts for the latest news update, you may have noticed there was a slight change. From one royal admirer to another, we’re here to tell you that we noticed it too.

This week, the Prince and Princess of Wales changed their profile picture across all of their social media profiles. Previously, the royal couple had a snapshot of them enjoying their trip to Ireland in 2020.

But now, the pair has replaced the picture in celebration of Remembrance Day. In the new pic (see screenshot below), Princess Catherine and William are attending the Festival of Remembrance in 2018, which is an annual celebration dedicated to those who lost their lives in combat.

Prince/Princes of Wales Profile Picture.
Prince/Princess of Wales/Instagram

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla also took part in the tradition as well. For Remembrance Day, the royal couple chose to change their profile picture to a photo taken in 2009, where they spent time together in Canada. (And did you spot the honorary red flowers on their collars?)

People reported that the photo change is only temporary and in about a week, their original photos will be set back into place.

King Charles Queen Consort IG Pics CAT
Royal Family/Instagram

An honorable tribute, indeed.

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