Kate Middleton & Prince William Share Playful (and Slightly Naughty) PDA Moment at King Charles's Scotland Coronation

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Once again, Kate Middleton is proving that she's not afraid to show the world how she really feels about Prince William.

In case you missed it, the 41-year-old princess and her husband attended the National Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication at St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh earlier this week. The church service, which served as part of King Charles's Scottish coronation, produced all the pomp and pageantry, but it was Princess Catherine and Prince William who stole the show with their PDA moment.

As the princess, who donned all blue, stood beside the prince, she whispered in his ear and even gave his backside a playful little tap.

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Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen the princess give her husband a flirty tap on the behind. Earlier this year, during the British Academy Television Awards, Vogue magazine shared footage of the duo arriving on the red carpet, and Princess Catherine, who stunned in a white gown, quickly patted Prince William's butt in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment.

The two appear to be in the middle of a conversation as they make their way into the venue. And at one point, Princess Catherine reacts to Prince William's comment with a laugh and proceeds to give him a loving tap on the bottom.

For the service at St. Giles’ Cathedral, the princess turned heads with her monochromatic blue outfit, a royal rewear that featured a special tribute to both Princess Diana and the late Queen Elizabeth. Meanwhile, the prince stepped out in royal regalia, including four medals to represent the Golden Jubilee, Diamond Jubilee, Platinum Jubilee and coronation.

We're guessing this won't be the last PDA moment we see between these two.

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