Body Language Expert Says Kate Middleton & Prince William Were "In Complete Unison" at Manchester Memorial

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently made an appearance in Manchester, U.K., to honor the victims of a 2017 bombing that took place after an Ariana Grande concert. They attended the official opening of the bombing victims' memorial, called "Glade of Light." And while William delivered a touching opening speech, Middleton laid flowers at the memorial site. But a closer look at their facial expressions and gestures tell us even more about their true feelings.

Body language expert Darren Stanton analyzed the royal couple during the event and, speaking on behalf of Slingo, he noted that the Cambridges were "completely in sync" while interacting with others. And not only that, but some of Middleton's gestures bore strong similarities to Princess Diana.

“Kate displays empathy very well," Stanton said. "This was noticeable when she was interacting with other members of the public and those hosting the event. When she’s speaking to someone, Kate will have fixed eye contact and her head will tilt often to the left—this signifies that a person is considering and thinking about what the other person is saying to them."

He continued, "It’s this genuine interest that suggests she is very similar to Princess Diana, who also adopted the same non-verbal behavior and gestures when interacting with others."

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Stanton also explained that the royals were in perfect harmony as they spoke with others, which indicates a positive relationship. “Kate and William throughout the event appeared to be completely in sync," he said. "Note the position of the couple’s feet when they are speaking to others—they are in complete unison and congruency to the person they are speaking to. If the feet position is symmetrical, it’s an indicator that a good rapport is present."

Following their appearance, the duke and duchess shared photos from the memorial on their Instagram page and wrote, "There is comfort in remembering. In acknowledging that, while taken horribly soon, they lived. They changed our lives. They were loved, and they are loved. It is why memorials such as the Glade of Light are so important. Why Catherine and I so wanted to be here today."

We're sure Princess Diana would be so proud.

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