Royal Fans Have Started Calling Kate Middleton by This Name Online—and It’s Connected to Princess Diana

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While Kate Middleton, 41, is a woman of many talents, the Princess of Wales prides herself on trying to make a difference, particularly when it comes to early childhood development. Most recently, the mother of three launched a new initiative called “Shaping Us,” and as a result, royally-obsessed fans on social media have started calling her by a nickname that bears a striking similarity to what her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, is still called to this day. 

Thanks to her contributions to the field, fans online have started calling Princess Catherine “The Children’s Princess.” And if you’ve been following the royals for quite some time, then you know the moniker is kind of like a spinoff of the nickname fans gave the late princess, which was “The People’s Princess.” 

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Per The Mirror, Middleton’s nickname dates back quite some time as she’s long showed a passion for children and the early years of their life. And way before Princess Catherine married Prince William, 41, and joined the royal family, many royal lovers called Diana by her nickname (since 1992)—and continued to do so after her tragic death in 1997.

According to the publication, one fan wrote on social media: “The Princess of Wales is proving yet again why she is The Children’s Princess. She loves working with and working for children. Catherine is wonderful and I’m excited to see the things she will do in the future.”

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Princess Catherine announced her new initiative back in January when she posted a teaser video on the IG account she shares with her husband. In it, the royal princess (who is sitting out of frame) flips through a notebook that’s filled with photos of children, families, etc.

At the end of the video, she picks up a photo of a young girl and below the image, a piece of text reads: “Our early childhood shapes the adults we become.”

Shortly after posting the video, the royal launched the official IG page dedicated to the project, and per the website, Shaping Us aims to help “raise awareness of early childhood.” 

One of the very first posts on the page features a picture of the project’s title written in green font, which is set against a cream-colored background. The caption read: “Stay tuned for the launch of #ShapingUs.”

Regardless of their specific nicknames, they will always be our princesses.

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