This Iconic Kate Hudson Hairstyle Was Achieved with…Deodorant?

We’ve tried dry shampoo, texture spray and teasing our hair beyond repair, and we still have yet to find the holy grail of products. But this brand-new beauty secret is making us question the limits of our organic deodorant.

In honor of Kate Hudson’s 40th birthday, her longtime hairstylist, David Babaii, is dishing on his favorite hair moments, like when he used deodorant to achieve the actress’s iconic look in 2005 for the London premiere of The Skeleton Key.

Although Babaii stocked his luggage with go-to items, he was forced to switch gears when his bag didn’t make it across the pond.

“I remember Kate and I were traveling to London for that film premiere, and the airline lost my luggage,” he told Refinery29. “I had nothing to style her hair with for her first major red-carpet appearance. All we had was Kate’s bag, and she had nothing except this hippie-dippie spray deodorant—probably the first natural deodorant ever made.” 

So, Babaii doused Hudson’s head in deodorant and hoped for the best. “It’s all we had to work with, so I sprayed it all over her hair and hit it with the hotel blowdryer, which was so old-school that it was actually attached to the wall,” he continued. “I was haphazardly wrapping her deodorant-covered hair around my fingers and just scrunching the strands for texture; it was a crazy mess.”

That is, until the deodorant worked its magic and pulled out a miracle on the red carpet. “But by some miracle, she got to the premiere and looked incredible,” Babaii added. “Honestly, to this day, it’s the best hair I’ve ever done. Serendipitously, that’s also when Kate started doing her now-signature look-over-the-shoulder pose on the red carpet, and just like that, everyone was talking about Kate Hudson.”

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