Kaley Cuoco Pushes Her Dog Dumpy in a Stroller (And We've Never Been More Jealous of a Canine)

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We're just going to put it out there and say that in our next life, we'd like to be Kaley Cuoco's dog, Dumpy, the Dump Truck.

Adopted by the Flight Attendant star, 34, and her billionaire heir husband Karl Cook earlier this year, the tiny pooch seems to be living quite the lavish life in the actress's stunning New York City apartment

For anyone who doesn't know, Dumpy has quite the Cinderella story.

As he explains in his first Instagram post: "I legit went from rags to fancy rags in the blink of an eye. When I got rescued by @apurposefulrescue, I could barely walk, was over weight and every single tooth was rotted..since those few months ago, i got in shape (I’m basically an Olympic athlete) and had all my teeth removed! I know sounds cray but I feel so much better and now I can actually eat!"

And if Dumpy ever feels fatigued, he can now travel in pure style and comfort thanks to his brand stroller.

The stroller is Cuoco's latest Amazon purchase for Dumpy, as noted on Instagram, and is by Gen7Pets. For a cool $110, you can take your pup for long leisurely strolls around the neighborhood without worrying about tuckering out their little legs.

The stroller comes equipped with plenty of space for storing treats and waste bags (as well as ample room for any drinks, keys or cell phones for humans, too). 

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