Here's How Joanna Gaines Is Resetting Her Home in the New Year (and Guys, It's So Doable)

reset your home

By now, you’ve probably put your holiday decorations away for next December. (Or maybe you haven’t, in which case, no judgment.) And if it feels like your home is in need of a little new year je ne sais quoi, Joanna Gaines has some helpful tips and tricks.

In approaching her home with a fresh perspective, Gaines says, “A reset doesn’t mean you have to make any significant purchases. Instead, opt to embrace change in really simple ways.”

Her advice? Start with the senses, especially smell. Sure, you could burn a candle. Or you could whip up a “citrus simmer pot” to fill your home with the bright scents of lemon, lavender and rosemary. Another way to reset, she says, is to tackle a cluttered space you’ve been ignoring. (We’re looking at you, junk drawer.)

And like any resolution, she recommends starting small instead of overwhelming yourself. Think of it this way: Overhauling your entire home is kind of like saying you’ll never drink wine again…it just ain’t gonna happen.