Jessica Simpson Shares Post-Pregnancy Photo of Her Feet 2 Months After Baby Birdie's Birth

It's been three months since baby Birdie's birth, and Jessica Simpson is celebrating a major milestone...except, it's probably not what you think.

The "With You" singer shared a snap of her feet on Tuesday, and rejoiced that her once-swollen ankles had returned to pre-pregnancy size.

Simpson captioned the post, "I ankles!!!!" This comes a few months after the 38-year-old singer and clothing designer posted a relatable shot of her (extremely swollen) foot during her pregnancy with her third child.

"Any remedies?! Help!!!!” Simpson captioned the snap that she posted in January. The advice—ranging from soaking feet in Epsom salt to downing apple cider vinegar—and the sympathy started rolling in immediately.

Simpson definitely gave some of the suggestions a try, too, like when she revealed she had tried cupping on her feet and that it had helped restore her "skankles," aka skinny ankles.

Now, with this latest update, it seems the foot saga has run its course.

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