Jessica Simpson & Her Swollen Feet Finally Found Sweet Relief—in the Craziest Way

The adage “Ask and you shall receive” really worked out for Jessica Simpson.

A week after sharing her swollen pregnancy feet and ankles on social media and asking for advice, the 38-year-old singer finally found some relief. Simpson, who’s pregnant with her third child, just shared an Instagram photo of her new “Skankles” (skinny ankles), and it’s totally priceless.

Excited about her epic foot transformation, Simpson captioned her felfie (foot selfie?), “SKANKLES aka Skinny Ankles.”

So how did she get that swelling to go down? Well, she went the woo-woo route and tried something a little unexpected. 

Yep, she got cupping done on her feet. 

Pregnancy problem solved.


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