Jessica Simpson Looks Gorgeous in Her Makeup-Free Instagram Photo

Jessica Simpson's latest Instagram selfie is inspiring us to upgrade our skincare routine.

The 40-year-old star posted a snap of herself and her dog to her personal page and wrote, "Two blondes waiting for the sun to rise." But before we continue, can we just take a moment to appreciate her natural glow?

In the photo, a bare-faced Simpson is seen posing in what appears to be her outdoor patio. She sports a colorful top as she smiles at the camera, and behind her is her pet dog. One fan commented, "You look so young without makeup...beautiful." Another fan added, "Such a natural beauty."

Judging by their surroundings, it also looks like family is still in the process of holiday decorating. Behind them stand multiple Christmas trees and, if you squint, you'll also see a large figurine of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. One eagle-eyed fan wrote, "Rudolph!!! I see him back there!!!"

This isn't the first time Simpson has treated fans to a makeup-free pic. While celebrating her 40th birthday in July, Simpson shared a mirror selfie with no makeup and a casual outfit. She wrote, "I have kept these throwback True Religion jeans in my closet for 14 yrs (I’m not exaggerating!). I figured that since I’m in the final hours of my 30’s I’d give them another try, and hello 40, so nice to meet you."

The Open Book author also shared a candid, makeup-less photo of herself and her BFF in November, and naturally, fans gushed over her radiant her skin. One follower said, "Your skin is flawless!!!" 

Jessica, if you're reading this, feel free to pass on your skincare secrets.

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