You Can Wear Jennifer Lopez’s Iconic Plunge Dress for Halloween (and at a Fraction of the Price)

From her Oscar-worthy performance in Hustlers to rewearing that iconic green Versace dress from 19 years ago during Milan Fashion Week, Jennifer Lopez has been all over newsfeeds of late.

jennifer lopez versace 2019
Getty Images

You know the dress...the one that has a V-neck plunge so deep it's probably considered illegal in some countries. And now, you, too, can channel major J.Lo vibes this Halloween, because Fashion Nova has a copycat dress at a price point that doesn't require a multi-hyphenate's paycheck.

Sure, Lopez's confident catwalk strut is sold separately, but the Fashion Nova replica is a mere $70. (Psst: You can also get Cardi B and Lil' Kim–inspired costumes from the site, too.)

jennifer lopez fashion nova
Getty Images/Fashion Nova

The only witchcraft we want to be a part of this Halloween: the same kind that the 50-year-old (!!!) uses to make her literally age in reverse... (We mean, COME ON.)


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