Only J.Lo Could Get Away with Wearing Platform Dolce & Gabbana Heels to Tour the Louvre

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are still basking in their post-nuptial bliss in Paris, but not without a little sightseeing. Yesterday, the couple was spotted touring the Louvre Museum. Affleck wore a relatively low key jeans-T-and-sneakers combo, while J.Lo donned wide-leg denim pants and a Dior sweatshirt.

And while, sure, you could call her overall look “casual,” she couldn’t resist adding a few sartorial touches to take things over the top. Exhibit A:

jennifer lopez platform heels the louvre
Pierre Suu/Getty Images

Lopez wore a pair of extremely tall pink velvet platform Dolce & Gabbana heels, which she paired with a mint green crocodile Hermès Birkin bag and aviator sunglasses.

We can’t help but wonder how she got around a sprawling museum in such sky-high shoes, let alone the streets of Paris. True, only J.Lo could pull off such a feat. Perhaps the lift gave her a better vantage point of the Mona Lisa?

Anecdotally, she actually wore the heels once before, at the 2019 Hustlers premiere.

Celebs re-wearing accessories…they’re just like us! (Ha ha ha.)

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