Jennifer Garner Shares Video of Herself Crying About ‘Hamilton’ the Musical After a Trip to the Dentist

Jennifer Garner wants to remind her followers to watch Hamilton, which is now streaming on Disney+. And she’s doing so with a throwback video that we almost forgot existed.

Over the weekend, the Alias actress posted a video of herself from 2017, in which she is recovering from dental surgery (aka laughing gas was involved) while sobbing uncontrollably about how much she loves the musical Hamilton. According to her original caption, it was the combination of laughing gas, novocaine and the fact that the dentist's office staff hadn’t seen Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning musical that made for the perfect storm. And we’re so happy that it did.

ICYMI: The movie version of the hit musical was made available on Disney+ on July 3, so even those who still haven’t been able to score tickets to the groundbreaking show (five years after its premiere, we might add) can enjoy rapping along with Miranda and the rest of the original cast.

The movie was originally supposed to become available on October 15, but Bob Iger (executive chairman of The Walt Disney Company) and Miranda decided to move up the premiere date due to the coronavirus. “I can’t think of another work of art in the last decade that’s had the cultural impact of Hamilton,” Iger said of the release. “I just think it’s brilliant, and in these times to tell the story of people uniting together against forces of diversity, I think is quite relevant and actually quite important.”

Thanks for the viewing recommendation, Jennifer.