Jennifer Garner Shared a Childhood Photo of Her Dad and We Now Know Exactly Where She Got Her Looks

One of our favorite parts of holidays like Father’s Day is the slew of celebrity Instagram posts dedicated to their loved ones which inevitably come with tidbits of information not previously known to the general public. It’s like a little sweet treat, a sneak peek into their personal lives. This year, Jennifer Garner followed the trend of posting a throwback photo of her dad to Instagram to commemorate the familial holiday—and with it came the revelation that the 48-year-old actress looks exactly like her father. Or, at least her father around age 10 or so.

First of all, can we just say Garner’s dad looks like a Disney character come to life? A real-life Peter Pan perhaps? But beyond that, it would be irresponsible of us not to discuss the fact that Garner and Billy Jack, her dad, share quite a number a physical features.

jennifer garner at paris fashion week
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Those ears! That smile! Those eyes! It’s now abundantly clear where Garner gets her signature charming smile from. But if this present day photo doesn’t convince you, perhaps a throwback shot of Garner herself will do the trick.

Here is the actress’s fourth-grade school photo alongside a poem she crafted at the time. And, of course, further confirmation that Garner and her father are basically one and the same.

Of course, Garner’s Father’s Day post came with a super-sweet tribute caption. In it she thanked her dad for never missing a ballet performance while she was growing up, for “hugging the world’s best hugs” and for letting her know just how proud he is of all that she has accomplished. Swoon. Of course, who wouldn’t be proud of a daughter who managed to complete four different viral Instagram challenges in under 30 seconds or who multitasks like a pro, drinking wine and folding laundry at the same time?

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