Jennifer Garner Shared a Rare Childhood Pic on IG (& She Looks Exactly the Same)

Jennifer Garner treated fans to a childhood glimpse on Instagram—and flawlessly recreated the photo in honor of National Teddy Bear Day. But even though the snaps are more than four decades apart, Garner legit has the exact same face.

In the throwback photo, the Peppermint actress is seen cuddling her teddy bear while sporting a Good Humor Ice Cream costume. And in the present-day photo, Garner flashes the same smile and hugs the same teddy bear, which, miraculously, still looks almost brand new.

Garner captioned the photo, "45 years later, you’re still my main squeeze. Happy #nationalteddybearday, TBear." 

When one eagle-eyed fan asked if it was the same bear after noticing some differences in the stuffed toy, Jennifer explained, "It is the same bear. Flattened because he was my favorite pillow. Missing half his mouth because of a phase where I fed him from a bottle to see if he’d come to life. Wearing overalls made by my mom during my only overall decade. Still my best guy, more beautiful than ever. He’s pretty psyched about National Teddybear Day." Sounds like Garner is literally all of us when it comes to toys of sentimental value.

One follower commented, "You look exactly the same, only a grown up version." Another wrote, "You are adorable, then and now. Dimples and fierceness." 

Garner, please share your anti-aging secrets with us!

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