Jennifer Garner Bought a Sweatshirt That Holds Her Cat, and the IG Video Is Truly Iconic

Let's be real—we've all fallen prey to an Instagram ad that showed up on our feed advertising something we definitely didn't need. And it looks like even celebs can get sucked in by the algorithm.

Jennifer Garner just showed off her newest piece of outerwear, which doubles as a carrying case for her cat, Moose. The 49-year-old actress posted a video to her Instagram, where she modeled the salmon-colored sweatshirt, featuring a stitched silhouette of a cat's head above some text that says, “Who cativated my heart?”

But besides than the wordplay, the hoodie includes a zipper pouch on the front, where Garner can easily take Moose on the go. The video was shared with a caption that said, “Instagram Ads: 1. Moose: 0.”

In the clip, Garner puts on the jacket and says, “Where's my cat?” She then goes searching for the feline, saying “Moose-Moose, the internet brought us a present.” Once the 13 Going on 30 actress finds her pet, she then tries to fit the cat in the sweatshirt and stick its head through the hole in the front (without much success).

Eventually, Garner poses with Moose snuggled into the pouch, and she smiles with the hood pulled over her head (which features its own pair of cat ears).

Fellow celebs were obsessed with Garner's antics, like Jessica Seinfeld, who said, “We need more Moose content.” Meanwhile, actor Kevin Weisman added, “It’s Moose’s world. We all just livin’ in it.” Merrin Dungey noted Garner's bravery, saying, “You. Are. Brave. My cat would gut me like a fish.”

We're gonna go with the commenters on this one and say that we need more Moose content, ASAP.

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