Fans Want *This* Iconic Celeb to Play Jennifer Coolidge's Sister on 'White Lotus'

There's no denying that Jennifer Coolidge is the true star of The White Lotus. From her eccentric personality to her scene-stealing lines, the HBO Max series wouldn't be as iconic without Tanya McQuoid. But now that the character is gone for good—thanks to that wild season two finale—fans are already thinking of ways to extend her storyline. And this involves none other than '90s icon Pamela Anderson.

In case you missed it, there's a Twitter campaign to get Anderson to join the cast of The White Lotus. In fact, one popular social media thread, started by pop culture editor Tara Watson, suggests that the actress and model should return as Tanya's sister in season three.

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Watson tweeted, "The only thing that will heal our broken culture is if Pamela Anderson is cast in the next season of The White Lotus as Jennifer Coolidge’s grieving sister." The post got over 2,000 retweets, and it even prompted Entertainment Tonight to ask Coolidge about the possibility of Anderson being cast as her sister.

While chatting with the outlet at this year's SAG Awards, Coolidge wasn't opposed to the idea because she's a huge fan of the Baywatch star. "Oh, wow! I just recently saw Pam's documentary, and I called 100 people to watch it. I swear to God, we all had the same reaction—it's amazing. You finally get the real story, and she's got this huge comeback."

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Meanwhile, Anderson has already confirmed that she's totally on board with joining the series, should she get the opportunity. While on The Drew Barrymore Show, she said, "I heard about it. I can't get it in Canada because my HBO app doesn't work because my Apple ID is American, so I can't get it there so I tried to watch it. I want to watch it, but I heard everyone loves it and it’s crazy. I'm up for anything."

Here's hoping Mike White will take her up on her offer.

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