Jennifer Aniston Had a Major Wardrobe Mishap While Filming ‘Murder Mystery 2’

Jennifer Aniston had a bit of a fashion mishap while filming Murder Mystery 2—and apparently, this led to her going "skirtless" on the set. (Allow us to explain.)

While speaking with MovieWeb, both Aniston and her co-star, Adam Sandler, opened up about some of the most memorable behind-the-scenes moments. And this memorable moment in particular started when Sandler and Aniston were filming a scene where they had to roll around on a bed.

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Scott Yamano/Netflix

Sandler said, "When we were in our apartment, and then we were doing the scene where we lived together, and we were rolling around...When I would dive into the bed and roll on you and I caught your dress one time. I caught something."

Aniston chimed in, "We had this big bed in the movie, where it's the biggest bed in the world, and we'd get on, and we'd roll off of it. And Adam kept rolling onto me."

According to Sandler, filming the scene wound up loosening some of Aniston's clothes, and before they knew it, her skirt was coming off.

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Scott Yamano/Netflix

The Friends alum told Sandler, "You ripped my skirt. You took my skirt off." To which he replied, "The skirt came off. And Aniston ran around, skirtless." Yep, sounds like there were just as many silly moments behind the scenes as there were on camera.

Aside from discussing behind-the-scenes moments, the duo also revealed where they'd want to film Murder Mystery 3, should a third installment get confirmed. Aniston said, "We wanna go to Greece. Greece would be so fun. We're figuring it out. We know there's so many places to go."

Meanwhile, Sandler said, "You know where it's gonna end up being? Wherever Netflix says, 'Go there' and we'll be like, 'Yes, Netflix.'"

In case you're unfamiliar, the Netflix sequel, which drops March 31, follows Nick and Audrey Spitz as licensed private detectives. This time, they get involved in an international investigation when their friend is suddenly kidnapped at a wedding.

The movie is directed by Jeremy Garelick and stars Mélanie Laurent, Jodie Turner-Smith, Annie Mumolo and Tony Goldwyn.

We'll be counting down the days until the premiere.

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