I Think Jed’s ‘Wrong Reasons’ Confession on ‘The Bachelorette’ Will Hurt Him in the End & Here’s Why

On last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, Jed made a bold choice and revealed that he came on the show (at least partly) for the “wrong reasons.” While it gained him surprising bonus points with Hannah Brown, I have a feeling it will come back to haunt him, and here’s why.

During season 15, episode four of the ABC series, Jed lands the first one-on-one date. At dinner, he candidly opens up about his initial reaction to coming on The Bachelorette—and how his mindset has changed since that moment.

After explaining that he grew up with a passion for music, he says, “When I signed up for the show, I was so clueless. I was open to the idea because I love ‘love.’ But my first thought was, you know, ‘This is, like, a huge platform.’ And I just want you to know the truth.”

Jed goes on to explain how things have changed for the better, adding, “So, I came in with that mindset. But every moment we’ve had has just kind of…taken all that away and showed me that, like, now—more than anything—I want to be with you.”

While my first thought was, Can someone get him a rose already? My opinion is slowly changing the more I think about it. Sure, Jed tweaked the story to make it seem like he’s there for the right reasons, but the truth is, he’s not.

Whether on purpose or not, Jed will always be (maybe inadvertently) advertising his music. I mean, he spent almost the entire episode talking about his career as a musician and how he doesn’t want to promote it, yet he’s doing exactly that.

It’s important to note I’m not saying that Jed doesn’t have feelings for Brown. What I am saying is that if his intentions weren’t in the right place to begin with, then we have a serious problem on our hands—and I seriously doubt Hannah will pick him in the end.

The Bachelorette returns to ABC next Tuesday, June 11, at 8 p.m.


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