We’re Extremely Jealous of James Middleton for *This* Reason (Hint: It Involves a Lot of Dogs)

ICYMI: Kate and Pippa Middleton’s brother, James, just made his Instagram public and wow it’s a sight to behold.

Aside from photos of him hitting the red carpet (in a velvet blazer, no less!) and celebrating Princess Charlotte’s birth, Middleton’s Instagram offers rare insight into his greatest passion: dogs. If you’re thinking, “Everyone likes dogs,” just you wait, because not everyone loves dogs as much as James Middleton.

Yes, you counted right. He has nine dogs. NINE. And he hangs out with them at his countryside home staging Vogue-esque photo shoots whenever he wants just because he can.

In fact, judging from his Instagram page, Middleton does everything with his dogs (goes on convertible car rides, takes dips in the pool and goes on vacay).

We’re not even going to pretend we’re not envious.


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