Wait, Is Perry *Really* Dead? This New ‘Big Little Lies’ Theory May Convince You Otherwise

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

During last night’s episode of Big Little Lies, it became clear that Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz) is in over her head after pushing Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) to his death at Trivia Night. While the show is leading us to believe the father of two three is deceased, we can’t help but wonder if we should be looking further into the fact that someone mysterious is lurking around Monterey…and that someone could be Perry.

OK, it’s important to point out that we’re well aware Perry appeared to be dead at the end of season two. Nevertheless, we feel like there’s more to the story. It would be a long shot to say that Perry isn’t deceased after all, but it wouldn’t be completely impossible.

For example, in season two of BLL, someone appears to be watching the Monterey Five—Bonnie, Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), Celeste (Nicole Kidman), Jane (Shailene Woodley) and Renata (Laura Dern).

Yes, it could easily be the police. However, they don’t appear to be tracking the group of housewives, apart from occasionally reviewing their interview tapes from the night of the murder. And besides, the mysterious man/woman nearly rear-ended Bonnie while Skye (Chloe Coleman) was in the car, so we highly doubt it’s police activity.

This leads us to another possibility: The internet seems to think that if Perry isn’t alive, he might have a twin we don’t know about. Picture this: Perry has a long-lost sibling, who seemingly reappears after his brother’s mysterious death. No, Mary Louise has never mentioned any other children, but we can’t deny that it would be a fantastic plot twist (something this show is known for).

While it’s a bit far-fetched, we’re all for anything involving more Alexander Skarsgård. Season two of Big Little Lies airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on HBO.

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