If You Thought the British Line of Succession Was Complicated, Wait Until You See the Spanish Royal Family's

Think the British line of succession is complicated? Then get ready for the Spanish royal family’s titles to throw you for a loop.

For those unfamiliar, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia rule Spain and have since the king ascended the throne in 2014. Since then, they’ve welcomed two daughters—Leonor (13) and Sofia (11)—but only one of them is considered a princess. Why?

As the eldest child, Princess Leonor of Asturias is the heir presumptive to the Spanish throne. In fact, she’ll be Spain’s first queen regnant since Queen Isabella II (who reigned from 1833 to 1868) when she ascends the throne.

Although her sister Sofia is also royal, she’s not considered a princess and is instead referred to as Infanta Sofia because she is the second born and will not take on the throne.

But here’s where it gets really confusing. If King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia have a son, he’ll become a prince and the heir presumptive. In that case, Princess Leonor will have to give up her princess title and become an infanta as well.

We’re rooting for you, Princess Leonor.

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