Here's the Best Way to Chill Boxed Wine Before Serving It

people drinking white wine

Boxed wine is great for a few reasons: It’s portable, it’s affordable and it’s often quite tasty. 

But it does require a bit more preparation than a bottle does. 

Consider this tip from Food & Wine executive wine editor Ray Isle: A three-liter box of wine contains four bottles’ worth, meaning the box will take longer to chill than a bottle. The key to serving boxed wine at the perfect temperature is knowing how long it will take to chill. A bottle of white wine needs up to two hours in the fridge. A three-liter box of wine, on the other hand, will take at least three hours to get to the right temperature. 

So yes, it does take a bit more planning to serve the boxed stuff, but look on the bright side: A box will last in the fridge for at least three weeks, while a regular bottle lasts only four to five days. 

sarah stiefvater

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