How Much Is Prince William Worth? Quite a Lot, in Fact

As the future king of England and one of the highest-ranking British royals, Prince William has everything from pedigree and clout, to a super cute family. But how much is Prince William worth? Keep reading for all the details on the 37-year-old Duke of Cambridge’s financial status.  

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1. How Much Is Prince William Worth?

The duke and dad of three is worth an estimated $40 million, according to Although he used to collect a military salary while working on the Royal Air Force Search and Rescue Force team, he inherited the bulk of his wealth.  

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2. How Much Money Did Prince William Inherit?

In 1994, Queen Elizabeth I (aka the Queen Mother) reportedly put her £70 million (roughly $89 million) fortune into a trust fund, which her great-grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry eventually inherited. When she passed, they split £14 m (about $17.9 million) of their great-grandmother’s trust with the larger majority going to Prince Harry since Prince William stands to receive more when he becomes king.

The brothers will also split another dividend when they become 40 years old. This second installment, according to The Guardian, is worth £8 million (about $10 million).

Princess Diana, Prince William’s mom, also reportedly left him about $10 million (after taxes). He began receiving annual dividends of about $450,000 at 25 years old. He received the remaining sum at the age of 30 in 2012. In addition to money, the late Princess of Wales left her jewelry, personal effects and wedding gown to Prince William and his brother.

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3. Does He Have A Salary?

Not technically, but Prince William did earn between $68,000 and $74,000 a year as a helicopter pilot in the Royal Airforce. He left the role in 2013 and started another civilian job as an ambulance pilot for East Anglican Air Ambulance in 2015. He earned $62,000 for this role and donated it entirely to charity. Now, he’s a full-time royal.

As a full-time royal, Prince William is entitled to a stipend from the Prince Charles controlled Duchy of Cornwall. The duchy is a collection of assets that King Edward III founded in 1337 that benefits the “monarch’s eldest surviving son and heir,” Time reports. According to the duchy’s website, this money is meant to fund Prince Charles’s “public, charitable and private activities and those of his family.” So, a good amount of Prince William’s necessities are covered out of this pocket of money.  

Last but not least, the Sovereign Grant covers expenses for royal tours. These funds come out of taxpayer contributions.  

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4. How Much Is Kate Middleton Worth?

After nine years of marriage, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s finances are now combined so she’s also worth $40 million. However, when she came into the marriage, she brought about $10 or $20 million with her. The Duchess of Cambridge’s family owns a party supply business called Party Pieces and their shared net worth is said to be about $50 million. Middleton worked for the family business prior to her marriage with the prince.

Suffice it to say, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are flush.


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