Bachelor Nation Close Call: Kaitlyn Bristowe Very Nearly Didn’t Meet New Boyfriend Jason Tartick

New couple Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick might hail from the same franchise, but that doesn’t mean the Bachelor Nation stars were bound to meet. In fact, the former Bachelorette, 34, just revealed that they almost didn’t cross paths.

Yesterday, Bristowe shared an emotional story on her personal Instagram account about meeting her now-boyfriend, 31, one year ago. Although she was supposed to record a podcast episode with Tartick and Olivia Caridi, she nearly cancelled on them after an emotional ride to the studio.

“On this day last year… I walked into a studio in Seattle to podcast with Jason and Olivia,” she explained. “I almost canceled because I had been bawling my eyes out in an Uber, going through some crap, and I was crying on FaceTime to my dad when he came in. We had never met, but he hugged me, and told me he had just cried too at a charity event he came from. He looked at me and said, ‘Let’s have a soft Tuesday together.’”

Bristowe soon learned that she had a lot more in common with Tartick than she originally thought, adding, “He almost canceled as well because he had an eye infection.”

Still, Tartick had completely altered her mood by the end of the day. “My day had changed,” Bristowe added. “I didn’t know what was going to happen. I thought of Jason as a friend and wanted him to be the Bachelor. He actually helped me through a hard time. I just wanted him to be happy.”

Bristowe concluded her caption with a special message for Tartick: “J, I met you 365 days ago and from what felt like was a goofy friendship, turned into a beautiful love story. Thank you for always lifting me up, being my rock, and thank you for stepping foot into that studio with your Cyclopes eye. You’re my Lobster.”

We have no doubt that Chris Harrison will take credit for this.


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