As if We Weren’t in Enough Pain, ‘Game of Thrones’ Accidentally Left 2 Water Bottles Visible in the Series Finale

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

After last night's Game of Thrones finale, we were more dumbstruck at how Jon Snow could've ended up back at the Night's Watch (like, what do they even need to guard against now?) after being the hero and protagonist of the epic story than the minute details or fan-service-y dialogue. Or about how Dany's death felt sooo wrong for so many reasons. Or why Bran, who doesn't want anything, winds up being king of the six*** kingdoms.

But some eagle-eyed fans were paying closer attention (ahem, not bawling their eyes out and yelling at the TV screen) long enough to notice another major GoT hiccup in the form of plastic water bottles that made their on-screen debut during the dragon pit council meeting scene of episode six.

And it wasn't just a one-time thing. TWO separate water bottles appeared in the scene: one behind Sam's foot, and one behind Davos's foot moments later.

Add that to the coffee-cup-gate, two-handed Jaime Lannister fiasco, the fan petition and a host of other Game of Thrones final season troubles that we can't even begin to expand on, and it makes for one giant "whoops."

Ohhhh, GoT, you (dragon) slay us.

At least we know the actors were staying properly hydrated, we guess?


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