Whoa, Jaime Lannister Predicted the Tragic Outcome of 'Game of Thrones' Episode 5

jaime cersei game of thrones ep 51

Jaime Lannister called it, you guys.

Way back when in Game of Thrones season seven (OK, not that long ago in GoT time, but ages ago for us), Jaime warns Cersei about the destruction of King's Landing...before he's even met Daenerys Targaryen.

As they're discussing Cersei's betrayal to not send troops north to help fight the Night King and his White Walkers, Jaime tells his sister/lover: "When the fight in the North is over, someone wins. You understand that, right? If the dead win, they march south and kill us all. If the living win, and we've betrayed them, they march south and kill us all!"

As pointed out by Reddit user @barbarycoastal, Jaime kind of prophesies Dany's turn to Mad Queen and complete destruction of King's Landing and all its civilians, including Jaime and Cersei.

Instead, Cersei refuses to send troops North, the Night King and his Army of the Dead are wiped out (atta girl, Arya!), the North follows Dany into another huge battle knowing full well they should've tried to choke King's Landing and starve Cersei out of the Red Keep, Euron lets his crazy flag fly and almost kills Jaime, and all of King's Landing is basically turned to ash courtesy of the Mad Queen Dany.

If only we (and Cersei) had listened... (Also: The things we do for love.)


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