Ho, Ho, Hold Up: A Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar Exists, and Yes, There Are White Claws

*Peak 2019 Alert*

We've officially outdone ourselves this year, and it's all thanks to the lawless world we're living in. Yep, we're referring to White Claw, which has become part of the cultural zeitgeist faster than you can say, "There are no laws when you're drinking Claws!" Specifically, a hard seltzer Advent calendar that includes 12 Days of boozy bubbly brands.

Along with White Claw, the calendar includes Truly, Smirnoff, Bon & Viv's, Golden Road, Henry's, Rita's and a bunch of other hard seltzer brands (who knew there were so many?!).

The calendar retails for $59 from the Give Them Beer website and comes with a customizable card so you can write a note to your significant other: "Dear Loved One, The Claw is law. Signed, Me." or something like that...

The calendar says it won't ship until November, but we're betting these babies will sell out fast (those millennials and their online ordering, amirite?)

If you don't spring for alcoholic water, though, there's also a wine Advent calendar and a cheese Advent calendar.  

Three months 'til Christmas (and #WhiteClawWinter). The countdown is officially on.

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