This Prominent Royal Set to Step Down from the Throne (Just Like Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II)

Change is coming to another European monarchy

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First, it was announced that Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II would step down as monarch on January 14, 2024, and relinquish the throne to her son, Crown Prince Frederik. And now, it seems that another prominent royal may be following in her footsteps.

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg recently told the French publication, La Libre, in an exclusive interview that he plans to retire from the throne “at some point.” Translated by The Daily Beast, the 69-year-old royal shared with the outlet, “All this is planned in family consultation. I find that it is very important to give young people a perspective.” He also added, "There are plans, it will happen.” 

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When the publication asked the duke if he had chosen a date for his abdication, Henri answered, “Yes, but I won’t tell you that!” He also shared, “I am a happy man. But, I could not choose my destiny.” When the royal decides to step down, his eldest son, Prince Guillaume, will take his place as the chosen successor. 

In case you didn’t know, Henri became the Head of State in October 2000 when his father, Grand Duke Jean, stepped down from the throne following a 35-year reign. Before that, Jean took over in 1964 when his mother, Grand Duchess Charlotte, relinquished her royal role after initially stepping up when her oldest sister, Grand Duchess Marie-Adelaide, abdicated in 1919.  Hmm, there is definitely a pattern here…

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Grand Duke Henri and his wife, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, are the proud parents of five children: Prince Guillaume, 40, Prince Félix, 38, Prince Louis, 36, Princess Alexandra, 31 and Prince Sébastien, 30.

According to the royal family’s official website, Guillaume and his wife, Princess Stephanie’s two young sons—Prince Charles, 3, and Prince François, 1—will be next in line for the throne.

The European monarchy is about to look a whole lot different.

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