Get to Know the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg

The coronation of King Charles III marked a historic day, and not surprisingly, there were quite a few royals who attended from around the globe. Among them were members of the Luxembourg royal family, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, who turned heads in color-coordinating attire. And since then, they’ve been keeping busy with several royal initiatives and engagements.

Now, we’re curious to learn more about the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg. Keep reading for details on the Head of State, the line of succession and more. 

luxembourg royal family

1. Who Currently Represents the Luxembourg Monarchy?

The Grand Duchy is a constitutional monarchy that's run by Grand Duke Henri. The official website reads, "The Grand Duke is the Head of State, as defined by Article 33 of the Constitution. Both within and outside Luxembourg's borders, the Grand Duke is the representative of the country's identity. He symbolizes its independence, the unity of the territory and the permanence of the State."

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2. Who Is Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg?

His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri is the eldest son of Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte. He became the Head of State in October 2000, but before his accession to the throne, he trained at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in Great Britain and studied political science at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Switzerland. He was also an “ex officio” member of the Council of State from 1980 until 1998, and he served as Honorary Chairman of the Economic Development Committee.

Now, as the Head of State, his duties include enacting laws, commanding the armed forces and representing Luxembourg in foreign affairs. The site reads, “Being in touch with and understanding the current issues affecting the people living in Luxembourg shapes the daily life of the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess.”

Believe it or not, the Grand Duke has ties to the British royal family. He and Queen Elizabeth II were third cousins once removed, thanks to a shared descendant from Christian IX of Denmark.

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3. Who Is Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg?

Her Royal Highness is the daughter of José Antonio Mestre and Maria Teresa Batista-Falla de Mestre. She tied the knot with the Grand Duke (then Crown Prince Henri of Luxembourg) in February 1981. She met him at the University of Geneva, where she studied Political Science.

Since her marriage, the Grand Duchess has been involved in several social and humanitarian causes through the Foundation of the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess. She’s an ambassador for UNESCO, a UN agency that aims to promote peace and eliminate poverty through education, and a UNICEF Eminent Advocate for Children. Additionally, in 2019, the Grand Duchess launched an initiative, Stand Speak Rise Up!, to end sexual violence.

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4. Do They Have Children?

The Grand Ducal couple have four sons and one daughter: Prince Guillaume, the Crown Prince (41), Prince Félix (39), Prince Louis (36), Princess Alexandra (32) and Prince Sébastien (31).

They also have quite a few grandchildren. The Crown Prince and Princess share two sons, including Prince Charles (3) and Prince François (3 months). Prince Félix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg share a daughter and a son, Princess Amalia (9) and Prince Liam (6). And Prince Louis and Tessy Antony have two children: Prince Gabriel (17) and Prince Noah (15).

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5. Who Is Next in Line to the Throne of Luxembourg?

According to the official website, the Grand Duke’s eldest son, Prince Guillaume, the Crown Prince, is next in line to the throne. And 14 other members of the royal family are included in the line of succession. See the complete list below:

1. Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume 
2. Prince Charles 
3. Prince François 
4. Prince Félix 
5. Princess Amalia of Nassau 
6. Prince Liam of Nassau  
7. Princess Alexandra 
8. Prince Sébastien 
9. Prince Guillaume  
10. Prince Paul Louis of Nassau 
11. Prince Léopold of Nassau  
12. Prince Jean André of Nassau  
13. Prince Robert  
14. Prince Alexandre of Nassau  
15. Prince Frederik of Nassau  

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