Massive Glitter Wine Straws Prove the End Is Nigh
Always Fits

Pink, glittery straws…for your wine…bottles. They’re a thing, apparently.

The 15-inch plastic straws (which are $15 for a pack of four) are translucent pink and flecked with glitter. There’s really not much else to say except that they’re long enough to get to the sediment at the bottom of your aged Burgundy. Yum.

The reason for their existence, per the online retailer, is pure convenience: “Instead of pouring out a glass of wine (because let’s be honest, you’re gonna drink the whole bottle), just pop in a straw and get sipping.”

Alas, they’re sold out, because the world is a scary place.

Our two cents? If you’re going to drink wine out of the bottle, just take a swig and be done with it. (Because you still have to clean the straw, you know.)

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