Dolce & Gabbana’s $850 Toaster Has Four Whole Slots for Bread

dolce and gabbana smeg toaster

Hey, is anyone trying to find a way to spend all their extra money? We found an answer for you!

Smeg, aka the sleek appliance company that makes gorgeous, retro-inspired appliances (you’ve probably seen their colorful refrigerators) has collaborated with luxury clothing designer Dolce & Gabbana to release a toaster and hand blender. The appliances join a stand mixer, blender and espresso machine as part of the duo’s Sicily Is My Love collection.

Hand-painted by Sicilian artists with vibrant, swirling designs, birds and fruit cornucopias, the toaster and hand blender will set you back a pretty penny. While the hand blender seems entirely pointless (we’d stash it in our cabinet out of sight anyway), we can sort of rationalize the toaster. 

How incredible would it be to snatch one up and place it front and center on the pristine white marble counters we wish we had? It would truly be like crown jewelry for our kitchen. Plus, it features four whole large slots for bread—incredible. 

If you’re so inclined, head over to a high-end retailer like Neiman Marcus to check one out. Admittedly, you should probably make sure you have your morning coffee before making toast, lest you somehow accidentally break something and flush $850 down the kitchen sink. (Unless the price includes unlimited Dolce and Gabbana repairmen for life?).

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