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Guys, the Great War is here...and it seems everyone in Westeros and their (maniacal twin-brother-loving) mother gets a seat on the Iron Throne. 

This morning, HBO released a set of 20 new posters depicting all the major Game of Thrones characters seated on the throne to hype up season eight (as if we weren’t already in full panic mode). Each poster comes with its own slogan. 

Bran Stark

But two that have us gasping for air like we've just been resurrected from death by the Night's Watch: Bran and the Night King. Yep, they each get a separate poster...meaning they can't possibly be the same person. The fan theory, which gained a lot of traction right after the finale of season seven, presumed Bran Stark and the Night King are one and the same.

But isn’t he the Three-Eyed Raven, you ask? Well, according to the theory, Bran uses his raven time-travel powers to go back to the moment when the White Walker leader was created by the Children of the Forest (who made him to protect themselves). Bran tries to intervene but instead gets trapped inside the Night King’s body. Hence, Bran = Night King...except, if they have two separate posters, perhaps not.

Here, the 19 other Game of Thrones posters from HBO. (But, like, give us a full-length trailer, please and thanks?)

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