Turns Out This Jaime & Brienne ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Theory Was Right All Along

Of all the upsetting things that transpired in Game of Thrones season eight (ugh, Danny and Jon!), Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Brienne of Tarth’s (Gwendoline Christie) romantic arc was definitely one of the bigger let-downs. But now, thanks to a fan theory, we’ve found a little solace.

ICYMI: A theory has been floating around the internet since Jaime’s death that solidifies the bond between himself and Brienne. The premise? At the end of the series we see Ser Brienne writing down Jaime’s triumphs in the White Book. The music that accompanied the scene was vaguely familiar and left many fans thinking it was the same tune they heard play during Robb Stark (Richard Madden) and Talisa Maegyr’s (Oona Chaplin) wedding, “I Am Hers, She Is Mine.” If it was, in fact, the same melody from the season three wedding, that might suggest what Jaime and Brienne’s future could have been together, right?

Well, according to GoT composer Ramin Djawadi that’s very much correct. Djawadi told Insider that he selected “I am Hers, She Is Mine” intentionally to hint at their missed opportunity for lasting love. “It’s just a hint of what their relationship—if they had stayed together, if he was still alive—what it could have been,” he explained.

Djawadi actually mixed the ballad with another song that focused on the other aspect of their bond—honor: “I just threw that in there because I thought it would be a subtle nod to their relationship,” he said. “When she sits there and she thinks about him and writes down all the things he had done, the second half is the ‘Honor’ theme, but yeah, a big chunk of that [song] is the wedding theme.”

Although his music selections were intentional, the composer didn’t anticipate that anyone would really notice the significance (never underestimate Thronies). “I was amazed some people picked up on it,” he admitted. “I was hoping people would go, ‘Wait a minute, that’s from season two.’ And that was exactly my intent. I thought it would be very appropriate.”

All we can say is, nailed it.

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