Gabrielle Union's Daughter, Kaavia, Gives Her Mom the Side-Eye in Instagram Pic (& It's Totally Meme-Worthy)

Gabrielle Union's daughter, Kaavia, may only be 2 years old, but she's already an expert at giving people the side-eye.

On Instagram, the 48-year-old mom posted a photo of herself and her daughter relaxing outdoors in the sun. And as much as we love Union's radiant, makeup-free skin, it's her daughter's meme-worthy expression that's stealing the show.

In the post, Union smiles as she relaxes in what appears to be an outdoor patio area. She also sports a long, boho-chic dress and flaunts her natural curls, but right beside her is Kaavia with her legs crossed, giving her mom the ultimate side-eye stare. And in the third pic, as Union holds her daughter and poses with a smile, Kaavia looks super serious as she glances in a different direction.

Not surprisingly, fans were very entertained by Kaavia's shady facial expressions. One commenter joked, "I need a @kaaviajames emoji!!" Another wrote, "Her looks are everything. I promise you she has been here before and has SEVERAL questions and concerns about what she’s seeing." 

If you follow Kaavia's personal Instagram account (which, BTW, already has 1.4 million followers), then you know that this is just one of many of her meme-worthy looks, which has already earned her the nickname "Shady Baby." In fact, just a few days ago, fans were treated to a glimpse of Kaavia's piano session with her dad. In the video, when he started to sing off-key, she looked at him as if to say "I am not impressed." The caption reads, "I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about people singing off-key #ShadyBaby."

Keep the Kaavia content coming, please!

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