Gabrielle Union Was Instantly ‘Drawn’ to This Breakout Star in ‘Cheer’ Season 2

Cheer on Netflix is making Gabrielle Union think back to her Bring It On days.

On Instagram, the actress dedicated a #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) post to one of the show’s breakout stars, Jada Wooten. Wooten is the captain of the Trinity Valley Community College cheerleading team, which is highlighted in the new installment of the docu series.

“When I watched season two of Cheer I was drawn immediately to @jadawooten_ and what I saw was a passionate, fiery, super professional LEADER,” Union wrote in the caption. “What I saw was a woman unafraid to say the hard thing, to be real and authentic and never asking her teammates to do anything she wasn’t willing to do herself.”

By watching Wooten display her talents with a “no BS attitude,” the Bring It On star thought back to her days on set. In the original movie, Union played the role of Isis, who was the captain of the East Compton Clovers. Like Wooten, Isis was a fantastic athlete who was hardworking, dedicated and didn’t tolerate any mess. 

Union continued to show her admiration for the young athlete, saying, “I see a woman that understands her worth and refuses the constant shape-shifting to appease folks who find unapologetic Black women to be inappropriate.”

She continued, “I see a woman who inspires, uplifts, teaches, and WINS!! Thank you for being the kind of young woman we can ALL look up to and cheer for.”

In the second season of Cheer, Wooten became a breakout star. Not only did she overcome a number of obstacles, but she wasn't afraid to show vulnerability in front of the camera and her teammates. Fans were quick to connect with her story.

The Being Mary Jane alum ended her post by writing, “Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there.”

We love seeing Black women support each other.

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