This Massive 50-Pound Fruit Snack Barrel Is What Gummy Dreams Are Made Of

fruitmojis barrel boxed1

We've never met a gummy we didn't like (seriously, our office is obsessed). So when we heard through the grape (flavored) vine that wholesale giant Boxed was selling their signature emoji-shaped fruit snacks—cheekily named Fruitmojis—in a massive 50-pound barrel, we had to see it for ourselves.

Dubbed their "biggest, sweetest, most outrageous product ever", this giant barrel the size of a small child is filled with 1,000 single-serve pouches of Fruitmojis. Never had a Fruitmoji? The fruit snacks themselves are satisfyingly sweet without any of that unwanted waxiness or artificial aftertaste. They're even kinda, sorta healthy, clocking in at just 70 calories per pouch. But the adorable shapes, from the pizza slice to the smiling poop emoji, are what make these bad boys a true fan fave. 

Yes, fruit snacks are great, you're thinking, but why would I need a 50-pound barrel of them? Well, we guess it could come in handy on the first day of school, ya know, if you're a teacher and you actually want your kids to like you. Or it could save you from a last-minute drugstore trip after running out of candy on Halloween (and it's only 5:30!).

Regardless of the excuse you settle on to justify owning this many fruit snacks, the Fruitmojis barrel is available now exclusively on for $100 (psst…that's just 10 cents per pouch).

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