Your Signature Emoji, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Emojis have become the easiest way to communicate. We send a sunglass-wearing smiley face if something’s cool, a heart if we love something (two hearts if we extra love something) or a shrugging lady if we’re like, “Yeah, I don’t know.” But what’s the emoji that best sums up you in a nutshell? Here, your signature emoji according to your zodiac sign.

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Aries: Hourglass

As the first sign of the zodiac, you are all about the go, go, go. Stalling makes you antsy. Taking a break is gluttonous. The reason your blood runs on speed and haste is because you know deep in your heart, there’s only so much time, and so you’re always racing against it. When it comes to the ram, there’s no rest for the weary.

bento box emoji zodiac
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Taurus: Bento Box

You have expensive taste, Taurus. Your love for the material world is all about making your space more suitable for you and the people you love. But you don’t just want one thing, you want it all. What better to suit you than a delicious multi-plate bento box? Here, you can have your sushi and eat it (along with rice and cucumber salad), too. Oh, and you get to keep the plate.

door emoji zodiac
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Gemini: Door

Just like the twins of your personality, a door has two sides—two ways to look at it and two ways to walk through it. And since you’re not one who prefers to do anything alone, a door is a symbol of welcoming others into your life, your conversations or your plans. Just remember: a door does have two purposes; feel free to embrace solitude once in awhile.

love letter emoji zodiac
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Cancer: Love Letter

Yes, there’s a crab emoji, but that would’ve been a little too on the nose. Plus, you’re so much deeper than that, Cancer. Yes, you’re self-protective and you’re great at acquiring and building armor to protect your softer side, but at your core, you’re a deep well of emotion. You might portray yourself as logical and thick-skinned, but really, your outer layer is as fragile as paper, and inside, you’re brimming with poetry.

volcano emoji zodiac
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Leo: Volcano

You, queen of the jungle, are as fiercely loyal as you are fiercely addicted to drama. There’s nothing wrong with being the center of attention, but it’s important to remember that being such a force of nature can have a domino effect you weren’t intending. You might be at the top of the food chain, but try to be aware of the chain reaction you can set off when you explode onto the scene.

bullseye emoji zodiac
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Virgo: Bull’s-eye

You’re a perfectionist. This you know. And those who aren’t don’t know what it’s like to sweat the small things. They have no idea what it actually feels like to hit the bull’s-eye right smack in the center. They also have no idea how much work (oh dear lord, the work) you do to make sure you get it right every single time. Well, Virgo, it’s up to you to let others know just how much practice makes perfect.

surfer emoji zodiac
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Libra: Surfer

As the balanced scales of the zodiac, you have a keen eye (and heart) for understanding fairness. And while you can see all sides of an argument, it’s important for you, Libra, to make sure that the quest for justice doesn’t hold you back personally. Who moves forward swiftly while maintaining glorious balance? A surfer. Time to whip out the rash guard.

baggage emoji zodiac
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Scorpio: Baggage

You’ve never met a grudge you didn’t hold on to. And it’s not because you’re a horrible person who loves drama (that’s Leo—just kidding). It’s because your emotions run deep, and they run hot. While we can’t tell you to lose your luggage—there are important things in there!—we can tell you to lighten the load. Pack light. Make it a carry-on. Leave some things, the heavy ones, behind.

roller coaster emoji zodiac
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Sagittarius: Roller Coaster

You’re spontaneous, optimistic, fun and, most of all, you value your freedom. Being in your orbit is not being in orbit at all. On the contrary, it’s more like roller-coaster hopping at Six Flags—there are ups, downs, twists, turns and joyous (sometimes, stomach-churning)—surprises. Just remember that while you’ve got your hands in the air, your loved one sitting beside you might be feeling a bit queasy.

pager emoji zodiac
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Capricorn: Pager

You’re practical, patient and grounded—just like the goat you’re associated with. As the consummate professional, you never want to let anyone down, least of all yourself. You’ve got that old-school, buttoned-up, rules-following way about you. If anybody needs you, they know where to find you. And why would you upgrade to a smartphone when this sturdy gadget’s been working for years?

globe emoji zodiac
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Aquarius: Globe

Nothing you do or think exists in a vacuum. As the water bearer of the zodiac, you don’t just see the bigger picture—you’re flooding the bigger picture with your ideas. If there’s any sign connected to revolution or political disruption, it’s you, Aquarius. You don’t just make waves; you plant the seeds for a tsunami of change.

mermaid emoji zodiac
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Pisces: Mermaid

Yes, we associate Pisces with fish, but your mermaid emoji goes beyond the scales. Mermaids capture a slippery duality that your sign possesses—they’re otherworldly yet so close to home. And while Ariel may not be real, you and the emotional intelligence you carry with you is just as magical as any spell Ursula could cast. Use it wisely.


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