Caitlin McHugh, No. 1 Disney Fan, Just Threw the Most Epic ‘Frozen 2’ Party & We Have Deets

There is no bigger Disney fan than Caitlin McHugh. In fact, she loves the House of Mouse so much that when John Stamos proposed to her, he knew he had to do it at the happiest place on Earth—Disneyland. Now that the couple and their 1-year-old son, Billy, are settled in their new home (which they decided to name Where Elephants Fly because Stamos casually owns the Dumbo carriage from Disneyland), McHugh felt it was the right time to indulge her Disney–loving self with a little Frozen 2–themed party.

McHugh spoke with PureWow exclusively about her Frozen 2 fête, explaining how she captured the magic of Arendelle in the comfort of her own home.

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Courtesy of Cricut

First, we were curious to know how McHugh, 33, became such a big fan of Disney. As it turns out, her dad worked for the company when she was growing up. “I had the privilege of attending some of the family events growing up and that’s where my love of Disney started.  And when I started dating John it’s like our love of Disney multiplied,” she shared.

It’s a family trait that their son, Billy, has already picked up on. “Thankfully, Billy’s love of Disney continues to grow as rapidly as he does,” McHugh explained, joking, “Otherwise, we may have had to put him up for adoption. He’s a BIG fan of Mickey and Donald.”

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Courtesy of Cricut

After Billy’s arrival McHugh and Stamos opted to move out of his bachelor pad and into “a home built for a family in a community with lots of children.” And now that almost all of their furniture has been moved in, McHugh partnered with Cricut ($199), a DIY crafting machine, to celebrate the upcoming release of Frozen 2 (which hits theaters November 22).

So how’d she do it? “The autumnal color scheme of Frozen 2 is beautiful and was definitely the inspiration for the party,” McHugh shared. “This movie has a pretty different look and feel to it, than the icy and frosted first installment.”

caitlin mchugh cricut
Courtesy of Cricut

McHugh worked with OC Vintage Charm founder Tiffany Hayter to nail the aesthetic and—wait for it—handmade a good deal of the decorations using her Cricut. As Hayter explained, “When guests took in all of the décor, they were impressed—but when we told them that everything was made with Cricut, they were truly blown away. From the confetti on the table, to the Elsa and Anna portraits on the back wall, and even the photo backdrop.” (In case you’re unfamiliar with Cricut, it can help you precisely cut out any kind of shape or letter. Yeah, even big photos of Elsa and Anna.)

McHugh said her favorite part of the party was the personalization station, where guests made their own tumblers and wine glasses (sounds right up our alley.) She recalled, “Each design was unique and really brought out everyone’s creativity and individuality.  It was also a great conversation starter for the kids and adults—we couldn’t stop comparing!” 

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Courtesy of Cricut

In addition to Hayter, the Cricut and baby Billy, Stamos pitched in, too. “John made the delicious stew for the Frozen 2 party!  He also helped set up the movie screen. He always asks what he can do to help, even though he is pretty much always overloaded with work. I appreciate that he’ll drop anything to help,” she revealed.

frozen 2 party caitlin mchugh
Courtesy of Cricut

Stamos stepping in to help is really no surprise, given that McHugh says, “Father is the role John was always meant to play, and he’s award-winning in it!  He soaks up every minute with our son. We know they grow up quickly and we don’t waste a moment.”

OK, we might just have to step our party game up, Caitlin.


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