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The only thing worse than suffering from a stuffy nose and head congestion is when your kid is suffering from a stuffy nose and head congestion. And there’s only so much you can do with a box of tissues.

We just found something that might do the trick (aka clear their airways): vapor bath bombs.

Made by Fridababy (the same company behind the NoseFrida), they’re kinda like the bath bombs you’re familiar with (you know, the blue glittery ones that offer minutes of fun and a lifetime of cleaning your bathtub), minus the dye, glitter and general lack of purpose.

What they lack in frills, they make up for in genius: The vapor bath bombs are infused with lavender and eucalyptus essential oils that release upon contact with hot water, helping to sooth your kid’s lungs and clear that, well, snot from their system. They’re meant for toddlers ages 2and up…but we’re honestly tempted to try them ourselves.

At $8 for a package of three, the vapor bath bombs are probably less expensive than a single spritz of nasal decongestant—we say worth it. Find ’em on Amazon (and Prime those babies before you run out of tissues).

BUY IT ($8)

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