What Happened with Emma Stone’s Oscars Dress Malfunction? ‘They Sewed Me Back in’

"You know, things happen"

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When Emma Stone walked onstage to accept the Oscar (her second one, btw) for Best Actress for her role in Poor Things, she shared that she had “busted” her dress open while dancing during Ryan Gosling’s “I’m Just Ken” performance. “Oh boy. My dress is broken,” she said to the audience last night. “I think it happened during ‘I'm Just Ken.’ I’m pretty sure.”

We were of course left wondering: Did Stone’s dress ever get fixed? We’re happy to report that yes, it did actually. While talking to Stone backstage at the 96th Academy Awards, one interviewer asked the 35-year-old actress if she ever got her dress repaired after breaking the zipper mid-dance.

Stone reassured the journalists that her Oscars dress got “sewed back up.” (Phew!) “They sewed me back in,” she revealed, according to People. “Right when I came back, they sewed me back in, which was wonderful.”

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“I generally do think I busted it during, ‘I’m Just Ken,’” the Poor Things star added. “I was so amazed by Ryan and what he was doing, and that number just blew my mind. And I was right there, and I just was going for it, and, you know, things happen.”

For awards night, Stone donned a beautiful coral-green Louis Vuitton dress with a flared skirt. She paired the Oscars look with a 30-carat yellow diamond necklace straight from the Louis Vuitton High Jewelry collection.

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During her acceptance speech, Stone gave a special shoutout to the other talented women nominated in the Best Actress category. “The women in this category, Sandra, Annette, Carey, Lily, I share this with you, I am in awe of you,” she said while overcome with emotion. “It has been such an honor to do all this together and I hope we keep doing more together.”

If you ask us, she handled this like a pro.

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