Elmo, House of Sesame, Joins Cersei and Tyrion at King’s Landing in Surprise ‘Game of Thrones’ Video

Move over Lannisters, there’s a new (red and fuzzy) face in Westeros and he has some wise words for Cersei (Lena Heady) and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage). 

In a brand-new HBO sketch, Elmo, House of Sesame, made an unexpected visit to King’s Landing to finally settle the bad blood between the siblings. Here’s how it all went down:

During a heated discussion in the Red Keep, Tyrion tells the queen he only wants what’s best for Westeros. 

“And I only want for you to not get what you want,” she says in typical Cersei fashion. It took us a moment to figure out if this was an actual scene from one of the previous seasons. But that all changed a few seconds later. They hear something under the table, and Elmo appears in plated armor.

“Elmo thinks that you two need to respect each other,” he says. “When Elmo has a problem with his friends, like Abby or Cookie Monster, Elmo doesn’t get upset, Elmo listens and learns from what they have to say.” Now that’s some classic Sesame Street advice.

At this point, Cersei seems skeptical of the tiny creature’s words, but Tyrion is on board. And after some serious convincing, she (shockingly) agrees. 

Tyrion and Cersei respecting each other and putting aside their differences? Not exactly what we’re used to from Game of Thrones. But hey, if anyone can convince them to do it, it’s Elmo (apparently). 

The meeting ends with a toast. Well, kind of.  “I love toast!” Elmo shouts.

Same, Elmo. Same.