The ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 2 Photos Are Here & Is Daenerys Pregnant?

With only days left until we jump back into the wild, wild world of Westeros, HBO just did us a solid and shared photos from Game of Thrones season eight, episode two. Spoiler alert: They’re pretty telling. Here, 14 photos from the next episode of GoT. Let the theorizing commence. 

bran out by the tree game of thrones
helen sloan/hbo

Bran Doing Some Deep Thinking Under The Weirwood Tree

It ain’t easy being the Three-Eyed Raven. 

tyrion lannister looking pensive
Helen Sloan/HBO

Tyrion Looking Pensive With Some Vino

Why so serious, Tyrion?

davos game of thrones
Helen Sloan/HBO

Davos Stirring The Pot


grey worm and missandei
Helen Sloan/HBO

Grey Worm & Missandei Having A Post-hookup Heart-to-heart

What’s their relationship status anyway?

sansa stark game of thrones
helen sloan/HBO

Sansa Enjoying A Quick Nosh

Her main concern about the enormous army Jon Snow (Kit Harington) brought with him was the Winterfell food supply. Looks like they’re still faring OK.

game of thrones daenerys smiling1
Helen Sloan/HBO

Daenerys Looking Radiant…and Possibly Pregnant

Something about that knowing smile makes us wonder if the Mother of Dragons is about to tell her nephew/lover that she’s carrying his child? (Maybe it’s that Meghan Markle belly cradle.) Or she could be playing nice with Sansa. Who knows?

samwell tarly looking surprised game of thrones
Helen Sloan/HBO

Samwell Tarly Seeming Completely Shocked

If Dany does tell Jon she’s preggers before he can tell her they’re related (has he even realized that yet, BTW?), Samwell’s (John Bradley) expression would be totally justified. Another option? Jon could be strategizing for the upcoming Battle of Winterfell and suggesting some unexpected tactics…like employing mind control over Viserion

jaime lannister in winterfell game of thrones
Helen Sloan/HBO

Jaime Lannister Arriving In Winterfell Ready To ‘help’

Look what the cat dragged in. 

bran sitting by a fire game of thrones
Helen Sloan/HBO

Bran Not Having It

Can you blame him?

lyanna mormont game of thrones
Helen Sloan/HBO

Lyanna Mormont Calling It Like She Sees It

Leave it to that little one to speak her mind. 

daenerys varys ser jorah game of thrones1
Helen Sloan/HBO

Varys, Dany & Ser Jorah Looking Skeptical About Jaime’s Intentions

As they should be.

jon snow arya strategizing game of thrones

Arya & Jon Preparing For The Worst

Arya (Maisie Williams) and Jon are laser focused on the impending Battle of Winterfell despite the drama.

gilly and samwell tarly in bed game of thrones
Helen Sloan/HBO

Samwell Laying Awake At Night

The Tarly motto: “First in battle.” No wonder he’s worried.

gilly game of thrones
Helen Sloan/HBO

Gilly Being The Same Ol’ Gilly

Some things never change. 

Tune in to watch Game of Thrones season eight, episode two, this Sunday, April 21, at 9 p.m. PT/ET. And don’t forget to read our handy-dandy recap afterward. Consider it dessert.


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