Drew Barrymore Shares Controversial Pizza Salad Recipe & It Looks Disgusting and/or Delicious

Foodies are both amazed and repulsed by Drew Barrymore’s latest video.

drew barrymore pizza salad recipe tiktok
Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images

This week, the Drew Barrymore Show star, 47, shared a controversial recipe on TikTok: pizza salad. Barrymore posted a video of her creation on social media, and (as you can imagine) it’s getting loads of mixed reviews.

In the video, Barrymore explains how “pizza salad” came to be. “If you’re having a day where you’re trying to not eat the bread,” she says. “I’m sure people are going to be like, ‘How dare you do this to a pizza?’ I get it. I feel really guilty about it myself.”

Right on cue, Barrymore grabs a piece of pizza and scrapes the toppings onto a plate, tossing the naked crust aside. Then, she grabs a handful of salad and adds it to the plate. “I just take the top of the pizza and a little salad, which has basically all the same toppings as a pizza,” she explains. “And then I make a pizza salad.”

She even adds salad dressing for extra flavor, adding, “And then I kind of just mix up. It’s actually really crunchy and delicious. And then you get the satisfaction of eating a pizza, but maybe for gluten intolerant [people].”

It’s important to note Barrymore eats far more than the “pizza salad.” In fact, the video begins with her biting into a slice. However, she recommends it as a healthy (or healthier?) alternative to pizza.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

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