Drew Barrymore Just Tried to Prank Her Ex on TV and It Did *Not* Go Well

What’s even funnier than seeing Drew Barrymore trying to prank call her ex-boyfriend, Luke Wilson, on national television? It’s watching the actress and talk show host dial another person by accident instead (double yikes).

Drew Barrymore attending the "Santa Clarita Diet" season two premiere.

On a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore had a chance to talk to Kate Hudson, who appeared as a guest to talk about her new movie, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (which is streaming now on Netflix, btw).

During the show, Barrymore and Hudson talked about how they dated the Wilson brothers back in the day. (ICYMI: Hudson dated Owen Wilson for a short period and Barrymore dated Luke Wilson in the late ‘90s.)

Drew Barrymore and Luke Wilson.
Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

“We were talking about the Wilsons the last time you were here. I dated Luke,” Barrymore said to her guest. Then, they both discussed how they haven’t heard from the brothers in a while.

As a fun joke, the 50 First Dates actress proposed they call the brothers live on the show—andddd that’s when things started to go south.

Barrymore and Hudson tried to call Luke Wilson first but instead got *Lucas* Wilson on the phone. (Fun Fact: Lucas Wilson had a small, uncredited part in the rom-com Never Been Kissed).

“You looking for the actor? That's not me,” Lucas said with a chuckle, to which Barrymore responded, “I’m so sorry! We’re crank-calling people right now.”

Well, at least they tried….

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