‘Big Little Lies’ Star Douglas Smith Reveals What’s Next for Corey & Jane

We’d be lying if we said that we didn’t have questions about Big Little Lies’s newest supporting cast member, Corey (Douglas Smith), who works with Jane (Shailene Woodley) at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. And now, Smith just confirmed our suspicions, revealing there’s far more to his character than meets the eye.

The 34-year-old actor recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where he discussed his quirky role on the popular HBO series. “He’s somebody that has gone through therapy and had lots of diagnoses thrown his way, and I think he is more sensitive than the average guy you see running up to you on the beach with a surfboard in their hands,” he said.

When asked if Corey can be trusted, Smith hinted that the character isn’t as innocent as he appears. “Anything is possible,” he added. “We’re all these complicated humans that have the propensity for good and bad, and this show is really good at exploring that. And just like any of the other people in this world, you never know.”

Smith went on to discuss what’s next for Corey and Jane, including the possibility of meeting her friends and family. “There’s a likelihood that she’s going to be taking that next step, [and] maybe that’s introducing him to other people in her life,” he continued. “Because she’s now introduced him to Ziggy [Iain Armitage], so that’s a reasonable expectation.”

While we’d love nothing more than to see Jane settle down, Smith warned fans that it’s Big Little Lies, after all. “Are there happy endings in life? I think the show’s a little more nuanced than just that simple happy ending,” he said.

So, will Jane discover Corey’s true colors before it’s too late? Guess we’ll have to wait until BLL returns to HBO on Sunday, June 30, at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

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